Oral Health and Overall Health: Links and Resources

Thanks to the internet and helpful search engines access to websites regarding every health subject you can imagine is now available to you at the touch of a keyboard. I’ve spent thousands of hours researching every aspect of oral health, dental disease prevention, mercury-amalgam fillings, and mercury detoxification. From that effort I’ve learned a very important lesson: the problem isn’t a lack of information, but how to filter the overwhelming amount of available information in a practical and useful way. For example, if you search Google for “dental disease,” you come up with more than 2 million websites that say something about it. Whew!!!! 

Plus, if you’re not a dental or health professional, how can you make sense out of the more scientific information? You can’t be expected to, and that’s why I’m including this Web Links and Resource section on my website. Of course, my site isn’t the only one with important health information. No one site could possibly provide you with all the information you may want about every subject related to oral health. So I will recommend others that you may find interesting and useful in your search for optimal health. 

Some sites may contain material that disagrees with my approach to oral health and my position on mercury-amalgam fillings and mercury detoxification. The fact that they have a link on my website isn’t an acknowledgement of their position, but even though we may disagree in some areas, each linked site has important information that do I agree with and support. While I have looked at all the links on this page, I do not specifically endorse any of the websites listed, nor can I be responsible for the advice given or the quality of products they recommend. 

Resources on Oral and Overall Health

The Resource section, related books, www.mercuryfreenow.com, and my website also offer important information that can further your efforts to achieve optimal health. 

Books on Oral Health

 I believe that Tooth Fitness: Your Guide to Healthy Teeth, A Mouth Full of Poison: The Truth about Mercury Amalgam Fillings, and Your Complete Guide to Mercury Detoxification: How to Safely Remove Mercury from Your Teeth and Body, will provide you with the basic information you need to deal with the two most important oral health issues you face: gum disease and chronic mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings.  


In addition to the books, my website offers access to other important information on these subjects. You can access my Archived Articles that will keep you current on the most important oral health issues, stressing those related to overall health.  Check out the What’s New menu—I will be researching the latest material relating to oral health and will provide my interpretation. You can also review the Archived Articles. And my newsletter, Oral Health News, will provide practical information that you can apply to your daily life, making it easier to sustain your oral and overall health.  

Both the Web Links and Resources will be updated on a regular basis so don’t forget to come back for a visit.


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